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20" Stainless Steel Manway with Alum. Weld collar

20" Aluminum or stainless steel manway constructed with 1/4" type 304 stainless steel and type 6061 ..

From $672.45

8"-12" Hatches

8"-12" Hatches. Stainless steel or steel hatch, with a stainless steel, steel or aluminum neck. Gask..

From $160.00

90 Degree Elbow

90° Elbow, Comes in Black Steel or Galvanized...

From $1.05

90 Degree Street Elbow

90° Street Elbow. Available in either black steel or galvanized as well as many different sizes...

From $1.94

DC Stainless Washdown Pump—Pump and Motor Kit

A heavy-duty 12-Volt washdown pump, with 316 stainless steel pump housing. This pump and motor packa..


Heavy-Duty Industrial Vacuum Hose

Heavy-duty vacuum hose used to connect your vacuum pump to your primary, secondary and tank. Constru..

From $3.39

Secondary Shutoff

Secondary Shut-Off. Available in 2-gallon, 4-gallon, or 5-gallon capacities...

From $291.20