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Banjo® Valve Replacement Handle

Replacement nozzle valve handle for the polypropylene full port Banjo® ball valves...

From $6.25

Brass Lever Valve—Replacement Handle

Replacement handle for brass lever valve. Fits 3", 4", and 6" gate valves...


Cam Lock Handle

Replacement handles for older poly units...


Olympia Fiberglass® Handle

Replacement locking or normal handle for the Olympia Fiberglass® units...

From $14.95

Polypropylene Bolted Ball Valve Parts—Replacement Handle for 6-Bolt Valves

A lower cost, high quality ball valve to meet all of your valve requirements. Precision molded from ..


Safety Bump

The innovative safety bump not only provides you with a handle to enable you to more safely move you..

From $14.38