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Domestic Cam and Groove Swivel Fitting—Part F: Male Camlock x Male NPT

PT Coupling cam and groove products are solely manufactured in the USA, and are extremely high quali..

From $98.98

Foldable Containment Trays

Foldable containment tray. Manufactured from 22 oz. PVC for durability and portability. Containment ..

From $55.00


An environmentally friendly graffiti remover that is designed to remove paint, pen, crayon, tar, soa..

From $42.00

Honda® Model GX390QNE2 12 HP Engine—Electric Start, red

This model engine is used with the Condé® belt driven Model 12 SDS pump. (Vacuum Only and Vacuum/Pre..


Insulated Soil Probe—8" Slide Adapter

Slide adapter for insulated soil probe. The Slide Adapter will electrocute you if not used properly...

Masport® Pro Pack Plus Kit New

Masport® Pro Pack Plus Kit

Pro-Pack Plus Kit includes: Vacuum and Pressure Relief Valves, Aluminum Oil Separator, RIV Secondary..


Masport® Super Scrubber Moisture Trap—Secondary

The cyclone design of the Masport® super scrubber-moisture trap is very effective in reducing vacuum..

From $399.00

Part AR—Male Camlock x Female NPT-Reducer

Fitting/Coupler for Part AR—Male Camlock x Female NPT-Reducer..

From $13.97

Part A—Male Camlock x Female NPT

Fitting/Coupler for Part A-Male Camlock x Female NPT...

From $0.96

Part C—Female Camlock x Hose Shank

Female Camlock x Hose Shank. Part C, aluminum...

From $6.95

Part DA Fitting

Part DA. Available in either Aluminum or Polypropylene and various sizes...

From $19.95

Part DD Fitting

Part DD Fitting and couplers..

From $24.89

Plastic Secondary Moisture Traps

Plastic Secondary Moisture Trap available in 2" or 3"...

From $189.75

Restroom Decals and Signs—Service Record Sticker

Service Record Sticker. All portable restroom decals are specifically designed for hard-to-adhere su..