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Brass Ball Valves

Full port forged brass ball valve that features; 600 PSI pressure rating, virgin, TFE stem packing s..

From $3.25

Brass Gate Valve 2" - 6"

A quick opening full-port, solid brass gate valve...

From $119.95

Brass Lever Valve—Replacement Handle

Replacement handle for brass lever valve. Fits 3", 4", and 6" gate valves...


Bullseye Power Hose Nozzle

A solid brass, guaranteed leakproof hose nozzle. Just dial the end for the desired water flow...


Heated Brass Lever Valve

These heated lever valves have all the same features as our other gate valves and include 2.5" ports..

From $379.95

Pressure Relief Valve—Brass

Protects vacuum/pressure systems from excess pressure. Each pressure valve is adjustable. 1.25" = 15..

From $38.95

TOICO Padlock and Key

One 25mm brass padlock and one key (all padlocks are keyed alike)...


Plastic Secondary Shutoff Repair Parts—Curved Connection for Secondary, 2"

2" Curved Connection for Secondary (Repair Parts for 2" and 3" Plastic Secondaries)..