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Part C—Female Camlock x Hose Shank

Female Camlock x Hose Shank. Part C, aluminum...

From $6.95

Part DA Fitting

Part DA. Available in either Aluminum or Polypropylene and various sizes...

From $19.95

Part DD Fitting

Part DD Fitting and couplers..

From $24.89

Plastic Secondary Moisture Traps

Plastic Secondary Moisture Trap available in 2" or 3"...

From $189.75

Polypropylene Bolted Ball Valve

A lower cost, high quality ball valve to meet all of your valve requirements. Precision molded from ..

From $17.79


Quick-connective coupler with unrestricted bores for free flow...

From $1.44

Rivets and Hardware—1.5" Hex Head Screw with Sealer Washer

Bag of 100 screws. Rubber washer is bonded to steel screw – compresses as the screw is driven, formi..


Rivets and Hardware—3/16" Backup Washer

500 quantity aluminum 3/16" backup washers for 3/16" rivet. (Backup Washer)..


Round Tanks

Round holding tank that can be used for fresh water, pre-mix chemical or waste water. These tanks co..

From $89.00

SureMeasure Dispenser—1oz. or 2 oz. Pump with VITON Seals

This chemical dispenser 1 oz. pump can be wall mounted or mounted to your truck. The pump comes with..

From $48.75

Trigger Gun Kit—AP1000 Kit

Dependable, long lasting spray gun. Complete assembly. (Kit includes nozzle and quick connects.)..


Trigger Guns-Full Kit

Dependable, long lasting spray gun. Complete assembly. *AP1000 Kit and YG5000 Kit includes nozzle an..

From $65.80

Trigger Gun—YG5000 Gun

Dependable, long lasting spray gun. Gun only...


Truck-Mounted 1oz. Dispenser—Kit 301B

This dispenser is ideal for mounting on the truck. It can pull from a 5-gallon pail and dispense dir..


EPDM Suction and Discharge Hose

Constructed with black flexible EPDM rubber with bright colored polyethylene helix construction. (St..

From $1.69

Fiber Vane for Vapor Oil Pumps

Replacement vane for Condé®:(EACH SOLD INDIVIDUALLY)Model 3 and ProVac 3 pumps. Size: 3 1/8" x 1 3/4..

From $47.95