Condé® SDS 6

NOTE: The rotation is determined by the direction it would turn as if you were standing in front of the Shaft.

115 CFM — Ideal for tanks from 500-1,000 gallons.
Condé®vacuum only pumps are available in a wide range of sizes from 20 to 230 CFM. Condé® vacuum only pumps offer a great economical alternative for those who do not require pressure off-loading on their pumps. They can be driven from a variety of power sources. Condé® HD Vacuum/Pressure Pumps are built in a variety of sizes ranging from 35 to 230 CFM for tanks ranging from 50 gallons to 2,500 gallons. All Condé® HD pumps incorporate the unique Condé® slide valve change-over valve which is compact, low profile and always works easily. All Condé® HD Pumps feature automatic oiling systems which do not require any adjustment or maintenance. All Condé® HD pumps can be driven from a variety power sources including; gas engines, PTO, right angle drive or hydraulic pump. All pumps are double shafted and can easily be set-up for clock-wise or counter-clockwise rotation. End thrust protection is standard on all Condé® pumps as well as maintenance free, sealed bearings. Model numbers, Super 6, SDS 6, and the ProVac 3 pumps come standard with built-in vacuum relief valves.

Speed Range: 1200-1750 RPM
Maximum Vacuum: 28" Hg Intermittent
Lubrication: Automatic
Maximum Pressure: 20 PSIG

                          Port Size          Shaft Size            Weight

SDS Ultra          1 1/2"                 1 1/8"           160-170 lbs.
SDS12                1 1/2"                  1 1/8"           150-165 lbs.
SDS6                  1 1/2"                    1"                100-115 lbs.
Super 6             1 1/4"                    1"                  98-90 lbs.
ProVac 3           1"                           1"                  40-50 lbs.

Estimated Tank Pull Down Times (15" HG)
Tank Size                 SDS Ultra       SDS12      SDS6       Super 6      ProVac 3
100 Gallon Tank          n/a               n/a           n/a          8 sec.          16 sec.
200 Gallon Tank          n/a               n/a           n/a         17 sec.         37 sec.
300 Gallon Tank          n/a               n/a           n/a         25 sec.         50 sec.
400 Gallon Tank          n/a               n/a           n/a         34 sec.         64 sec.
500 Gallon Tank          n/a            16 sec.      26 sec.     52 sec.        84 sec.
750 Gallon Tank          n/a            24 sec.      40 sec.        n/a              n/a
1000 Gallon Tank      25 sec.       32 sec.      53 sec.        n/a              n/a
1500 Gallon Tank      39 sec.       50 sec.      80 sec.        n/a              n/a
2000 Gallon Tank      52 sec.       67 sec.     106 sec.       n/a              n/a
2500 Gallon Tank      65 sec.           n/a           n/a            n/a              n/a

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Condé® SDS 6

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