Holding Tanks and Sinks

Holding Tanks and Sinks

Plastic holding tanks ranging from 8 to 1500 gallons.

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2 Station Holding Tank

Unique holding tank designed for the multi-purpose hand wash station to mount either one or two wash..


Chemical Tank 8 or 12 Gallon

Heavy-duty plastic holding tank that can be used to contain your super concentrated deodorizer in a ..

From $109.00

Holding Tank

We have a broad range of holding tanks that can be used for freshwater or wastewater. These tanks ar..

From $219.95

Multi-Use Hand Wash Station (Sink Only)

TOICO is proud to announce an innovative design for hand wash facilities. This unit was designed to ..


Poly Bulkhead Fittings

1" Fitting (fits 2 1/4" hole size). Polypropylene bulk head tank fittings feature: double-sided fema..

From $5.75

Round Tanks

Round holding tank that can be used for fresh water, pre-mix chemical or waste water. These tanks co..

From $89.00

Spin Weld Fitting

Flush Fitting with Female Pipe Threads and Male NPT Caps. Plastic fittings used in holding tanks. S..

From $0.79

Spin Welding Tools

3/4"-3" spin welding tool used to repair or add additional fittings to your holding tanks. Attach th..

From $96.00

Tank Repair Kit—Poly Welding Gun and Rod

Poly welding gun and rod. Includes a specially formulated welding wire containing co-polymers and ad..


Tank Repair Kit—Poly Welding Rod, 30'-only

30' poly welding rod for repair of polyethylene tanks. Specially formulated welding wire containing ..