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Liquid Refills

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DermaRich™ Lotion Soap—Refills, Case of Twelve, 800mL

DermaRich™ is an economical all-purpose lotion soap that has a rich lather and mild cleaning agents...


EZ Foam® Hand Sanitizer Refills—Case of Six 1,000mL Bags

No water needed. 0.2% benzethonium chloride eliminates 99.9% of many important organisms. The EZ Foa..


GelRite™ Hand Sanitizer—Refills, Case of Twelve, 800mL

This instant antiseptic hand cleanser and waterless sanitizing gel, is a very cost effective solutio..


Purell® NXT Hand Sanitizer—Refills, Case of Eight, 1,000mL

Purell® Instant Hand Sanitizer is a refreshing alcohol-based instant hand sanitizer that kills 99.99..


Stoko® Spray Antibacterial Soap Refills—Case of Twelve 400mL Bags

Uses the same spray delivery system as the instant hand sanitizer and the toilet seat sanitizer. Thi..


Stoko® Spray Instant Hand Sanitizer Refills—Case of Twelve 400mL Bags

The concentrated and unique spray delivery system delivers 80% less product than traditional dispens..


Stoko® Spray Toilet Seat Cleaner Refills—Case of Twelve 300mL Bags

Toilet seat cleaner is a hygienic solution to satisfy the sanitary restroom requirements of users. T..