Deodorizers and Odor Control

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Chlorine Pellets—Case of Four 5lb. Bottles

For use in hand wash stations with sealed water tanks. Kills harmful bacteria such as e-coli and sal..


EZ Foam® Dispenser—Dove Gray

A contemporary push pad dispensing system that delivers a rich luxurious foam instant hand sanitizer..



An environmentally friendly graffiti remover that is designed to remove paint, pen, crayon, tar, soa..

from $42.00

Masport® Pumper Scent™ Refill—5 Gallon Pail

The G & F Pumper Scent™ patented system uses a uniquely formulated essential oil to neutralize e..



A non-acidic urinal cleaner, designed to clean scale and prevent build-up in portable restroom urina..

from $55.00

Stoko® Spray Antibacterial Soap Refills—Case of Twelve 400mL Bags

Uses the same spray delivery system as the instant hand sanitizer and the toilet seat sanitizer. Thi..



TOI-Blocks. Add that extra little deodorizing feature to your portable restroom service to control s..

from $81.95/case


Very strong fragranced disks, designed to last up to two weeks. Place the disk on the outside of the..

from $29.50


This fresh water additive is biodegradable and phosphate-free. Great sudsing action makes for easy p..

from $29.50


A very effective non-formaldehyde deodorizer, which features non-staining royal blue color, powerfu..

from $45.00


The perfect solution for the most demanding climates. This formaldehyde strength product will hol..

from $65.00


Freshwater use. When you want to provide that extra touch to your service. Just a couple of sprays o..

from $18.50

TOI-Tabs— 5 bags

Special event 15-70 strength TOI-Tabs deodorizing tablets. Simply toss one individually wrapped and ..

from $72.00

Wave Scented Urinal Screen

Ten times more fragrance than a vinyl urinal screen, the Wave scented urinal screen releases optimiz..